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Chadwick Ginther: Happy Authors for Indies Day, Valkyrie Books! | Valkyrie Books

Chadwick Ginther: Happy Authors for Indies Day, Valkyrie Books!

I’m setting up virtual shop here at Valkyrie Books on Authors for Indies Day because the store is still a beautiful dream. In the mean time I thought I’d say a little something about why I want that dream to become a reality.

I’ve watched Samantha post about her progress with her business model, and between attending the same cons and co-hosting a reading series, the subject of Valkyrie Books comes up a lot. But Sam hasn’t put me in the ground for bugging her about when the store will open(yet). Every time we talk about the eventuality that will be Valkyrie Books, I get more excited, and I believe that when those doors open, I’m going to be customer number one.

Everything about Samantha Beiko’s dream bookstore is almost tailor made for me to love. I mean, c’mon: science fiction, fantasy, and horror? Check. Graphic novels? Check. Gaming? Check. A place to write? Check. A super sweet event space? Check. An amazing, knowledgeable, and passionate person running the show? Check. Now wrap it up in a Norse mythological theme and you’ve got something more addictive to me than Rockets.


Maybe Valkyrie Books will be a place where I’ll go to write. Maybe Sam will put me to work behind the register during Christmas before I realize what’s happening. I don’t know yet exactly what final form Valkyrie Books will take (shout out in your best Wonder Twins powers activate voice: FORM OF THAT THING WE LIKE), but I have no doubt that someday her dream will be our reality.

(Someday soon, right, Sam? ::ducks::)

Where would we be without dreams? Where would fantasy be? Science fiction? (Okay, maybe we won’t talk about horror right this instant). Dreams make the impossible possible, because dreams are where great achievements begin.

Read something that inspires you.

Write something that inspires others.

Dream big damn dreams.

And I’ll see you inside.


And in the meantime, here are some books you should read:

Chad’s Recommendations

Book: Mirko Reisser (Ed.), Rik Reinking, Johannes Stahl, Belinda Grace Gardner, Arne Rautenberg: ''Mirko Reisser (DAIM) 1989 – 2014.'' 1st. Ed., Drago Media Kompany, Italy (2014) ISBN 978-88-98565-01-6. | © Mirko Reisser (DAIM) / DRAGO signal-to-noise-9781781082997_lg

Cassie & Tonk by GMB Chomichuk and Justin Currie

Against a Darkening Sky by Lauren B. Davis

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Come Late to the Love of Birds by Sandra Kasturi

Gifts for the Ones Who Came After by Helen Marshall

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

Rat Queens vol 1: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

**Chadwick Ginther is the author of the Thunder Road trilogy from Ravenstone. He will be launching the third and final book, Too Far Gone, in Fall 2015.**

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